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Do you find that you get conflicting advice about your internet marketing or that you're not sure who to trust or how much money you should be investing?

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Here's A Good Idea.

It makes sense that your wasted marketing costs are reduced to a minimum and that your website produces as many leads and sales as possible.

Yet lots of people needlessly waste precious time and cash on websites that just don’t work.

Unfortunately, the problem is that Internet marketing can be a confusing and expensive experience for many business owners. Also, there's lots of people charging lots of money for bogus services.

For Example - If you're paying For "Search Engine Optimisation" You might already know what I mean!
(Not all SEO companies are "bad" - but you need to know how to tell)

However, it's actually quite simple to get the right information to make the best use of your money. Funnily enough, a lot of these facts are provided by your own website itself.

You really can avoid wasting your time and huge amounts of money just by knowing what to do.


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Who am I and what do I know anyway?
My company, MKLINK, has helped over 800 UK companies generate more than £35 Million online since 1998

I set up MKLINK in 1998 with no money, just a laptop computer working from home, after having worked for a local Internet Service Provider in Bristol in 1997.

Until 2005, my company simply built websites for businesses of all sizes throughout the UK. I finally realized however that a successful website needs to be marketed effectively far more than it needs to look good or have geeky features. (Guess I must be pretty slow)

Until that point - I was looking at the wrong angle - how to make the website 'look' better or how to create clever stuff at the back end. My ability to make websites,create databases and write software was actually hindering me seeing the bigger better picture - how to market websites effectively.

Does that sound familiar with your own web designer?

Mike Knight. Made in 1970.

If you have any questions or want to book by telephone, call 01454 852414


I've learned a BIG lesson. It's NOT fancy graphics or flash movies that sell your products or services - it's simply giving people what they want after making sure they find your site.

Then getting them to commit to something whilst they're there.
Put simply, it's what pays your mortgage.

For example, my own my website looks very basic & most web designers laugh at it. I couldn't care less.

It used to look really good with FLASH animation, multimedia and all sorts of gimmicks yet it never made me any money. It was only good at proving to people that we could make stylish websites.

However, after I read about web marketing, tried some decent sales really started to work for me!

(Take that annoying hover-ad that appears on my home page for instance. It gets up everyone's nose yet it increased my conversion rate by 178% overnight - so it's staying put!)

Since that turning point a couple of years ago, I've spent tens of thousands of pounds and many, many hours investing in the best software, training and information resources around, so that I can deliver world class website marketing advice and ultimately this unique UK based website analysis.

So, now I'm here to provide the "Missing Link" that fills the void between your website, your marketing and your success.

Anyone can make a website.

Only successful people know how to market effectively online and put into action what they know.

Whatever your business or size, you will benefit hugely from the secrets I have learned here. As MKLINK passes its 12th trading year and having helped hundreds and hundreds of businesses throughout the UK, I have been able to directly measure our Internet Marketing Strategies on a wide range of websites so I truly know from real life experience what works and what doesn't.

There are plenty of marketing professionals out there who know more than me in their specific areas and I certainly don't claim to be the world's best at everything!

I'm just a regular bloke that has been doing this for 12 years and have seen what works and what doesn't. So Now, business owners like you can have straight, specific valuable information that will dramatically improve your sales.

It's FREE!
Yes, that's right, FREE!
No strings, no contracts no commitments.
You weren't expecting that were you?

Time To Take Positive Action!

You've read what I have to say (thank you!) and have seen what I'm offering and why I'm offering it.

If you want to succeed online then don't put it off any longer and don't waste this opportunity!

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